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From the Executive Director

I am pleased to have the opportunity to devote my message in this News to recognizing the extraordinary efforts of one our retiring board members, Berta Blecke. But what can we say or do to adequately honor this extraordinary volunteer and child advocate, whose achievements have been honored locally, nationally, and internationally, on numerous occasions by many significant entities?

Berta’s accomplishments speak volumes about her commitment and value to the children of Miami-Dade County. As most of you already know, Berta was instrumental in founding CHARLEE Programs; the Guardian Ad Litem Program; the Haitian Neighborhood Center, Sant La, Inc.; Our Kids of Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties; and, of course, Kristi House. As our founding Board President, Berta led the design and building of the Orlowitz-Lee Children’s Advocacy Center, which collocates Kristi House with our Multi-disciplinary Team members. Berta’s vision of effective collaboration on sexual abuse cases has been the driving mission Kristi House ever since, over the last 11 years. She has continued to guide Kristi House and many other organizations as a board member, advocate and generous volunteer.

The greatest honor we can give to Berta Blecke is to continue, as a community, to join together to end the epidemic of child sexual abuse. The highest praise we can give her is to assure her that Kristi House, and the mission for which we stand, will be maintained, sustained and one day, achieved.

Thank you, Berta...

Trudy Novicki

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Many make Kristi House Breaking the Silence pledge

Breaking the Silence, Kristi House’s new awareness and support-building campaign launched earlier this year has received overwhelming support from many in our community. Breaking the Silence has resonated with those hearing the message—a theme with meaning on many levels.

Breaking the Silence is about children learning prevention skills to speak up about inappropriate behavior before it becomes abuse.

Breaking the Silence is about adults in the community who address child sexual abuse as the real problem it is, and help their PTAs, church groups and others learn about how to take responsibility for protecting our children.

Breaking the Silence is about systems of care, protection and justice interwoven, in sync with one another for the best possible outcomes for victims.

And finally, Breaking the Silence is about dedicated volunteers and patrons of Kristi House who understand its importance to child sexual abuse and the victims we help. These leaders helped create an outstanding launch of our life-saving initiative with 100 friends on April 24th at our first annual luncheon. Guests heard a testimonial from an adult survivor and the words of young child victims, each triumphing over the trauma of sexual abuse. Many in attendance made commitments to do their part in Breaking the Silence with pledges of support to help Kristi House help victims and provide prevention education in the community now and in the future.

We extend our deepest appreciation to co-hosts Barbara Hinterkopf and Judy Zeder for all their assistance in making the day successful. We also sincerely thank all our Table Captains who helped introduce Kristi House to others: Fred Bredemeyer, Bianca Fernandez, Dawn Fine, Barbara Hinterkopf, Eddy and Katie Arriola, Tricia LeClair, Lourdes Leon, Michele Morales, Margaret Nee and Judy Zeder. Two stalwart volunteers and superb candy makers, Intake Coordinator Michelle Hernandez and her mother Carmen, made the beautiful, edible centerpieces and Mercy Menendez dressed the Teddy Bears in custom Kristi House t-shirts. Miami Parking Authority underwrote guest parking. Special thanks to guest speaker Jeannie Weiss for sharing her story.

Breaking the Silence Founders Club

The Founders Club is a group of 23 members who have pledged five years of continued support to Kristi House at a gift level of $1,000 or higher per year. We sincerely thank our Founders and all Breaking the Silence donors and supporters for their enthusiastic participation in this mission.

Gift of Healing
Joy Meason Intriago

Gift of Strength
Lourdes Leon
Judy Zeder

Gift of Hope
Luci & Alberto Aran
Lourdes Arriola
Mona Chanouha
Lindy Colson
Lilian Delgado
Barbara Hinterkopf
Patricia W. LeClair
Mayra Coto Lopez
Judy McCleary
Robert McDaniel
Julio Mendez
Suzy Moss
Margaret Nee & Frederic Saunier
Trudy M. Novicki
Premier Parking Consulting, Inc.
Barbara Saewitz &
Mercedes Saewitz
Carolyn Simmons &
Carlos L. de Zayas
Lydia Touzet
Rosa Valdes

Gift of Healing $10,000 • Gift of Strength $5,000 • Gift of Hope $1,000

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Donors ($1,001 - $1,999)
Miranda Stasulli

Donors ($501 - $1,000)
Fred & Sudie Bredemeyer, Monica Goldsmith,
Debbie Hirschl, Don & Luanna Marx, and Gail Mullen

Donors (Up to $500)
Jameli Bedrau, Debbie Burman, Marta Bustamante,
Elaine M. Cohen, Cynthia Corzo-Gabino, Jolie M.E. Cummings, Emilia B. Diaz,
Dawn Fine, Rita Doval Gonzalez, Andrea Greenwald & Rory Ger, Debra Frank,
Annie Guerra, Liz Henriques, Vivianne Kurzweil, Yolanda Morales, Lori Nanwani-Riviere,
Ana M. Nuñez, Teresa Nuñez, Yvonne Pandolfo, Maritza Pereira, Adriana Riviere,
Sandra Steenrod, Leslie Valdes-Garcia, Jo Weston, andCharles Zimmerer.

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State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle Leads Hispanic Initiative

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, together with Kristi House and Cielo Garden & Supper Club, launched a successful Hispanic Initiative raising more than $20,000 for sexually abused children and their families, and introducing the agency to many new friends on March 22 at Cielo in Coconut Grove.

“One of the most painful parts of a prosecutor’s job is looking into the eyes of a child victim as you work to find justice for their fear and their pain,” Ms. Rundle said. “Kristi House works like a guardian angel aiding young victims as their cases travel through our court system.”

The event included tapas from Cielo, music, dancing, plus a special performance by Miami’s own Nestor Torres. Along with State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, other special guests included Janet Reno, Sergio Mendez, Jorge & Rosa Maria Plasencia, Carlos de Cespedes of Pharmed, Lourdes Vega, Roberto & Dominique Beraja, Mayor Manny Maraño and Mike Carricarte.

A special thanks to our State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle and these other generous event sponsors: Cielo Garden & Supper Club; Jose & Nancy Badia of Badia Spices; Miami Monthly Magazine; Azteca America TV; Iberla LLC; Revista Mujer; International Wine & Spirits; Francine Jewels; Efron Foundation; Leon Medical Centers; The Nogueras Consulting Group; The Honorable Rebeca Sosa; Wine Consultant Max Staats; The Law Offices of Mark Eiglarsh; City of Sweetwater Commissioner Manuel Duasso; Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce; Morgan, Lewis & Bockius; Tate Enterprises; Fico Key West Restaurant; Key Biscayne Magazine; Diarios Las Americas; The Performance Foundation; El Nuevo Herald, Programma Actualidades with Rinha Modes, and Univision.

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Message from Board President Margaret Nee
An URGENT REQUEST for your help.

Kristi House is lucky to have volunteers and donors who help the organization in so many ways. Some give their time, serving as “ambassadors” in our waiting room and play areas, keeping children and siblings happily occupied. They host activity days, bake cookies and arrange special holidays for our children throughout the year, making the trauma of their ordeal a little easier.

Some make practical donations of goods so we don’t have to buy them. For example, Allen de Olazarra’s firm, Americas Capital Partners, arranged for and underwrote all new carpeting for Kristi House, a huge expense not in our budget. Atlas Carpets donated expert installation. The beautiful blue carpet provides a warm, welcoming environment for our families. Thank you Americas Capital Partners and Atlas Carpets!

Almost all of you make financial contributions, which help bridge the gap for needed services not covered by victims’ compensation dollars or other public sources. Last year 43% of the Kristi House operating budget came from you.

Your private donations largely underwrite our Kristi House client transportation service. For many families, the lack of adequate transportation can be the barrier to getting help. Our van takes children and parents to and from appointments. The van, new at the time, was donated to Kristi House in 1999. Since then, it has racked up 235,000+ miles. It’s ready for the junk yard.

Kristi House has started a Mini-van Fund to help us pay for a new energy-efficient mini-van. We are also hoping to find an angel in the auto business who can arrange special financing or a special purchase price for Kristi House, so that we can get our children and families to/from the services they need.

Your gift to the Mini-Van Fund will help ensure that lack of transportation is never a barrier to families getting the help they need. You can make a secure donation online by clicking here. Or, if you prefer, you can send a check to us at Kristi House – with a note for the Mini-van Fund. (1265 NW 12 Ave., Miami, FL 33136)

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Natalie Brown and me at nbrown@kristihouse.org.

Thank you for all you are doing for the children of Kristi House.

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Kristi House Wins Non-profit Awards

Kristi House was named winner of the 6th Annual NOVO Award presented by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce in the $2 million and higher budget category. The NOVO recognizes programs that have made a difference in the lives of the people they serve, produce outcomes that exemplify innovative excellence and feature best practices of not-for-profit businesses.

Kristi House won for the Multi-disciplinary Team which was initiated in Miami-Dade to bring all the entities involved in a sexual abuse case together. In existence for 11 years, today it is the only entity in the county dedicated to this mission of system coordination to ensure that all emotional, physical and legal needs for child sexual abuse victims are provided.

MDT partners include the State Attorney’s Office Children’s and Special Needs Unit and Sexual Battery Unit, Department of Children and Families, University of Miami Child Protection Team, Jackson Memorial Hospital Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment Center, law enforcement, and Guardian ad Litem. They provide children and their families comprehensive services within a child-friendly environment.

The MDT approach is the best practices approach used by Children’s Advocacy Centers throughout the country.

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Mental Health Best Practices Training Continues

Since 2003 Kristi House has been dedicated to the implementation and dissemination of best practice therapeutic interventions for sexually abused children. Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) is an evidenced-based treatment for children who have experienced sexual abuse or other serious traumatic events. TF-CBT is recognized as the only proven effective treatment protocol for child victims of sexual abuse.

Critical to ending the epidemic of sexual abuse is a core of professionals in our community trained in TF-CBT. Training of Kristi House practitioners and other community mental health providers has taken place through a series of conferences and workshops from national and international experts.

This past May Kristi House brought Esther Deblinger to Miami for an intensive two days of training for 30 Miami-Dade County mental health specialists, including the therapists at Kristi House. Dr. Deblinger is the Clinical Director of the Center for Children's Support, and Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at UMDNJ-SOM. She is the author of Treating Trauma and Traumatic Grief in Children and Adolescents, and considered a national leading expert in the field.

Last October Kristi House was selected by Dr. Michael de Arellano as a host site for a two-day training on Culturally Modified TFT. Kristi House invited other community mental health providers to attend based on their interest in best practice trauma interventions for sexually abused children. The training included three levels of participation: for consumers, therapists, and administrators. Approximately 20 clinicians attended, including representatives from the Journey Institute, Kids Hope United, CHARLEE, Florida International University, and Regis House.

In late 2006 Kristi House was added as an implementation site for Dr. de Arellano’s work with CM-TFT. Dr. de Arellano currently provides telephone supervision and ongoing consultation for the Therapy department on cases that are using CM-TFT. Dr. de Arellano is Director of the Hispanic Outreach Program (HOPE) and the Community Outreach Program (COPE) Esperanza, of the National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Kristi House extends its gratitude to these sponsors of the May conference:

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Kaufman Rossin & Company employees make Kristi House South Office special

Kaufman Rossin & Company employees took on the South Satellite office as a volunteer project, getting it ready for professional staff and making it child friendly for our kids. They painted, furnished, decorated and stocked the office to make it a welcoming, warm environment. Check out the before and after images at www.kristihouse.org/gallery. Above, from Kaufman Rossin & Co.: Wolfgang H. Pinther (he painted the mural), Kara Sharp, Kati Janda, Tony Zamora and Robert Stone.

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Kristi House offers adult prevention program

Kristi House is now offering Stewards of Children, a new approach to sexual abuse prevention that focuses on adults. The program believes and teaches that child safety is an adult’s job, so it educates them on how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. It is ideal for organizations that serve children and youth, as well as other community-based groups.

Kristi House trainers can deliver the program in English, Spanish or Haitian Creole.

Facts About Stewards of Children Training

  • A comprehensive program that incorporates all of the fundamental mechanics necessary in creating organizational policies and procedures that keep children safe.
  • Ideal for training staff and volunteers.
  • Includes the “7 Steps to Protecting our Children,” an evidence-based educational tool for sexual abuse prevention.
  • A 2.5-hour training program that integrates the simple principles of choice, consciousness, and personal power to promote an understanding of the nature and impact of child sexual abuse, and that uses those principles to provide a context for empowered action. The curriculum is direct about holding each adult accountable, and generous in providing powerful, specific support for personal change.
  • Video component of curriculum integrates personal stories of sexual abuse survivors, sharing their experiences of trauma and healing with the perspectives of professionals working with various issues of sexual abuse.
  • Developed by the Darkness 2 Light organization, the program is motivational and compelling. It calls participants into personal responsibility for the safety of children, while at the same time appreciates their fears and concerns.

How can it be used?

  • By organizations that seek training for staff and volunteers in the prevention of child sexual abuse.
  • By organizations that need to respond to insurance requirements regarding child protection.

Proven results

  • In pre-post evaluations of trainings conducted in nine different organizations that included faith centers, schools, community-based youth programs, and sports/recreational programs, participants demonstrated a 38% improvement in knowledge about sexual abuse and in attitudes about adult responsibility in the resolution of child sexual abuse after exposure to the Stewards of Children program. Two months after training, participants showed a 29% increase in behaviors focused on the protection of children from sexual abuse (e.g., they directed more questions about child protection policy to staff of youth-serving organizations; they talked more with children about healthy sexuality and protection from sexual abuse).
  • On a scale of 1 to 5 participant ratings on the quality and effectiveness of the program were higher than 4 on all questions, indicating that participants “find the curriculum compelling.”

How does my organization provide Stewards of Children to our staff and volunteers?

  • For more information about contracting with Kristi House for this training, please contact Dawn Thompson at Kristi House, (305) 547-6800.

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Save the Date and See Kristi House at the
Nations and Cultures Fair
October 21st, 2007 • Sheraton Miami-Mart

This event presented by Cultures & Community Association celebrates
Miami as the Center of the Americas with exhibitors, music, entertainment, demonstrations, contests, raffles and more! For more information,
contact Bianca Fernandez at (305) 547-6826 or bfernandez@kristihouse.org

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Maria Clara Rodriguez: An innate drive for helping others

Maria Clara Rodriguez spent the lion’s share of her paid vacation time last year in Kampala, Uganda, providing assistance to refugees from violence. Her trip, as part of a team of volunteers for the Center for International Health in a program sponsored by Unicef, began with a week of training in handling complex emergencies. She then spent a week traveling from village to village along the Sudan/Uganda border, presenting child safety and violence prevention lessons to children. There wasn’t electricity or running water where she traveled. The toilets were holes in the ground. Maria Clara did not get paid for the work; in fact she paid her own travel and related expenses.

Why would Maria Clara choose this atypical getaway? It’s not like she doesn’t get to help children every day on the job at Kristi House. Originally a case coordinator and now the outreach team leader, for more than six years at Kristi House Maria Clara has been helping some of our community’s most vulnerable children.

She explains why she did it, and wants to do it again: “It was the most amazing experience I ever had. The people there were so nice and appreciative. It gives you this incredible level of satisfaction…that to me, is the happiest time ever.”

Maria Clara Rodriguez knew she wanted to help people from an early age. Growing up in Colombia, South America, she encountered many “poor people who had nothing…no opportunities for education or changing their lives of poverty.” Starting in middle school, Maria Clara tutored adults in reading and writing. She saw how a little help could make all the difference to someone with very little, and knew from then on that would be her life’s work. Her parents also provided a strong example.

“They worked really hard to provide for me and my eight siblings. We didn’t have a lot, but they shared whatever they had with whoever needed something. I learned from them that we have to work hard and help others.”

Maria Clara came to the United States when she was a college student in 1997, transferring to Florida International University as a psychology major. She took every internship, volunteer opportunity and job she could to gain more experience, and has worked at a children’s mental health clinic, at an alcohol disorders clinic, and with AIDS patients.

At Kristi House, she heads up the team of outreach specialists who regularly visit Miami-Dade County Public Schools with education prevention programs. It’s an area targeted for expansion in Kristi House’s strategic plan, but always low on the list for funding sources.

“I really think that we need to concentrate on prevention and continue to raise awareness in the community to help identify possible victims for service,” Maria Clara said.

She said she has seen the increase in awareness in her years with Kristi House, and in people and the media willing to talk about child sexual abuse. Maria Clara has made several appearances on Spanish-language television and on radio for Kristi House, and annually organizes Kristi House’s popular “Heal a Heart Happy Hour” at the Sports Club/LA. Watch for details about the event. All are invited to discover, like Maria Clara has, it’s a fun way to help those dedicated to helping others.

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Kristi House launches commercial sexual exploitation program

Kristi House is launching an initiative to address the commercial sexual exploitation of children, an immense problem that is lacking any attention in Miami by service organizations. A University of Pennsylvania study has estimated that 200,000 to 300,000 children are exploited in the sex industry in the U.S. annually. Many of these children are homeless or runaway girls as young as 12 years old who are attempting to escape abusive families. Statistically up to 90% of commercially sexually exploited girls have been reported being sexually abused at home. Once they are on the street, it takes only a matter of hours for many of them to be approached by pimps who scout bus stops and other places known to be destinations for homeless youth. The pimps befriend, manipulate and force them into the sex trade. The average age of entry into prostitution in the U.S. is estimated to be 13 years old.

Once the girls are introduced to the sex trade, they continue to be controlled through manipulation, coercion and violence. They are almost always required to relinquish their earnings to the pimp and are frequently beaten if they don’t meet a nightly quota. Due to Stockholm Syndrome, the girls often cope by separating themselves emotionally from the sexual exploitation and abuse and begin to identify with and protect the abuser. They become deeply entrenched in an underground system that includes strict rules and a national network of traffickers who keep the children in a state of slavery.

Traffickers frequently transport the girls from small towns to cities or from cold areas to warm areas. This serves the dual purpose of keeping the girls isolated as well as increasing the earning potential to more profitable areas. This is especially true in Miami, where the massive tourism industry and yearlong warm weather means that girls are trafficked here seasonally from colder climates.

The U.S. Department of Justice has created task forces to investigate and prosecute crimes such as domestic sex trafficking of minors. In Miami, it is called the Minor Vice Task Force and consists of officers from various police departments and the FBI. They are flooded with cases, but have not found an organization in Miami that is able to provide appropriate services for the girls.

Kristi House is taking the lead by creating a new awareness raising and prevention program to address the needs of commercially sexually exploited children.

Sandy Skelaney, who is spearheading the initiative, has come to Kristi House with an extensive history of work with child trafficking initiatives, including organizing the First National Summit of Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth in 2003.

Kristi House will begin this effort with training from one of the most successful programs operating in the country. GEMS (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services), based in New York, is dedicated to empowering youth women 12-21 years who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking to escape the commercial sex industry.

Kristi House is seeking funding for providing services. Please contact Sandy Skelaney at (305) 547-6800 or sskelaney@kristihouse.org.

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IT project to improve operations, measuring outcomes

A major part of Kristi House’s strategic plan to provide improved access and care for child victims of sexual abuse and their families received funding support from the Health Foundation of South Florida. The Foundation awarded Kristi House a capacity building grant of $29,700 for information technology improvements. Kristi House is upgrading its client database to a secure, state-of-the-art comprehensive system that enables therapists and case workers to provide services closer to client families.

“In our sprawling metropolis, getting children to weekly counseling sessions—which are critical for recovery from the trauma of sexual abuse—is a big challenge, especially for families dealing with high stress,” Executive Director Trudy Novicki explained. “This system is going to make it easier for Kristi House specialists to serve children in places closer to our clients…in satellite offices, in the field, or at home visits.”

The new system, on a secure, Web-based platform will provide for improved client tracking with the highest security standards, and also include features for improved scheduling, reporting, productivity and other agency functions. It will enable Kristi House’s south satellite office at U.S. 1 and 152 Street to operate with all the functionality of the main facility. The client data management system is a key component in our ongoing effort to identify trends, service delivery needs, and provide aggregate data for research.

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Anne Rothe of the Paul Palank Memorial Foundation is presented a Kristi House Hand & Heart plaque which hangs at the South Satellite office. This symbol of Kristi House gratitude was presented to the Palank Foundation which has awarded funding to Kristi House for several years and supported therapy expansion this past year.

Miami Art Museum brought its Art Caravan to Kristi House one Saturday in May for a day of creativity for Kristi House families. Above are Myra Suarez and Melissa Sais from MAM who led activities.

Four students from Palmetto Senior High painted a gorgeous mural of an underwater scene in one of Kristi House’s group therapy rooms. Above are the artists: Yue Xin, Shirley Zhou and Joy Jiao. Not pictured Lucy Li.

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Welcome New Board Members

In May 2007 five new community leaders were welcomed to the Kristi House Board of Directors.

Laura Adams, Esq. serves as the Chief of the Sexual Battery/Child Abuse Unit which is a member of the Multi-disciplinary Team at Kristi House Children's Advocacy Center. She has been with SAO since 1994. She holds a law degree from University of Florida and an undergraduate degree from University of Miami.

Nelson Diaz, an attorney in Miami, is the former aide to Speaker of the House Marco Rubio. Mr. Diaz grew up in South Florida and earned his Batchelor of Arts from Florida International University. He then went on to receive his Juris Doctor from the University of Florida. Mr. Diaz currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Institute for Child and Family Health and is an advocate for the Teenage Parent Program of Miami-Dade County.

Jeanette Nuñez, a Miami native, is Vice President of Government Relations for Jackson Health Systems. Ms. Nuñez has extensive involvement in health care advocacy, and recently, through Leadership Miami, created a scholarship program for homeless children. Ms. Nuñez received her BA in International Relations & Political Science and her MPA in Public Administration from Florida International University. She lives in Miami with her husband and three children.

Sheri Orlowitz is the founder and principal owner of Shan Industries, LLC, a holding company that currently operates two manufacturing companies. Prior to Shan Industries, Sheri was a litigator with the Miami office of Greenberg Traurig. She also worked at the U.S. Department of Justice, and was a participant in the Attorney General’s Honors Program. Ms. Orlowitz is a frequent speaker on all aspects of entrepreneurialism, mergers and acquisitions and accessing capital and spends a significant amount of time supporting and mentoring other women business owners. Ms. Orlowitz’s father and family were the founders of the Orlowitz-Lee Children’s Advocacy Center at Kristi House.

Originally from Los Angeles, Juan Trescastro graduated from Columbia University and found his way to Miami where he is the Vice President of Guest Port Services at Royal Caribbean International. Mr. Trescastro was previously the Chairperson for Royal Caribbean’s United Way Campaign. He has a strong interest in helping children in the Miami-Dade community. When he is not working or volunteering, Mr. Trescastro enjoys spending time with his two children.

Judy Zeder and her firm, “The Zeder Team” specializes in marketing premiere homes in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and Pinecrest. Judy is committed to providing absolutely the best real estate representation, marketing and service to her clients, and has successfully represented clients ranging from professional athletes to Fortune 500 executives for nearly a decade. She is a member of the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate. She has lent her marketing expertise to Kristi House and its “Breaking the Silence” campaign generating new support for Kristi House.

Thank You Board Members

Kristi House extends its sincere gratitude to Board members whose service ended in May: Berta Blecke, founding Board member in 1996; Sharon Watson, Board member since 1999, Kim Cook, member since 2005; and Joy Meason Intriago, member since 2005.

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Kristi House salutes its Volunteers...
We couldn’t do it without them!

Heal a Heart Event Chairs Marivel Mederos and Kate Inman with Trudy Novicki. Marivel and Kate organized a happenin’ Heal a Heart Happy Hour at Centro Restaurant & Lounge to raise funds for Kristi House children.

Bert Hucks is the Easter Bunny, and a big hit for our Spring Party. Our sincerest thanks to our generous party hosts Vicky & Bert Hucks, Cristina Gibellini & Don Feetham, and all our volunteers.

Kisses and thanks to Michelle Hernandez, our intake coordinator, and mom Carmen... Kristi House’s own expert chocolatiers!

Kristi House volunteers and staff celebrated Volunteer Appreciation Month at Perricone’s Marketplace. Front row above are Kristi House volunteer Sara Sunet, Assistant Director Dawn Thompson, Board President Margaret Nee and Volunteer Ruth Balestra. Top row are volunteers Regina Menda, Ken Cook and Laura Proctor. Special congratulations go to Regina, winner of the prestigious Silver Knight Award in English this past Spring. Regina has given countless hours of volunteer time to Kristi House, has raised funds, baked cookies and made gift bags for many holidays. We’ll miss Regina at college!

This talented team of Alpha Xi Delta sorority sisters from FIU made it a Halloween to remember at Kristi House...and to be outdone this fall!

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Join Kristi House and these Outstanding Sponsors for the
8th Annual Touch a Heart Dinner & Auction
Friday, November 9, 2007 h Four Seasons Miami

Honorary Chairs
Paula & Bob Brockway–Bill Ussery Motors
Diane and Allen de Olazarra and The de Olazarra Family Foundation
Swanee & Paul DiMare

Platinum Heart Sponsors
Eliza & Hugh Culverhouse

Silver Heart Sponsors
Emma & Sia Afra
Katie & Eddy Arriola
Bunny Bastian
Yolanda & Jeff Berkowitz
Julia & David Bianchi
Berta & Jim Blecke
Lindy & Dean Colson
Jodi & Bob Dickinson
Janet & Jimmy Ellison
Sue & Doug Gallagher
Barbara & Walter Hinterkopf
Hunton & Williams
Joy & Charles Intriago
Judy & George McCleary
Mellon Financial
Carol & Al Novak
Margaret Nee & Fredric Saunier
Northern Trust
Sheri Orlowitz
Royal Caribbean International
Shook, Hardy & Bacon
Susan & Chuck Vodicka
White & Case
Judy & Jon Zeder

Major In-Kind Donors
American Airlines
The Fresh Market
Royal Caribbean International

Our Wine Sponsors
National Distributing Co.
Ravenswood Winery
Sunset Corners Fine Wine & Spirits

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