10 Years of Healing the Hurt

Annual Report 2004-2005

A Message from Our Board President
and Executive Director

Marking a Decade of Service
with a Plan for the Future

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Thank you to all our supporters who have made Kristi House an outstanding success. The year 2006 marks our first decade of service. The Children’s Advocacy Center at Kristi House has worked very hard over the last 10 years to build a team of public and private partnerships. Together, we have helped close the gaps in the system of care. Kristi House heals children who have suffered from sexual abuse and protects society from their offenders. Our mission is not only to heal those who have been abused, but to put in place interventions that will begin to decrease the number of children that are sexually abused every year.

One in three girls and one in six boys will be victim to some type of sexual abuse before their 18th birthday. Statistics show that sexual abuse victims are much more likely to become caretakers of children who, in turn, become victims of sexual abuse. Mental health experts believe that sexually abused children who are treated with an appropriate therapeutic intervention are much less likely to repeat the cycle of abuse. This field is relatively new and long term research remains to be done. One of our goals over the next three years is to expand our therapy department so that we can treat more children. This program must be coupled with a research effort to determine the efficacy of the Kristi House treatment program.

Community outreach and education is another important target area for Kristi House. Numerous studies inform us that many children who are suspected of being abused do not get reported and placed into the system. Kristi House’s outreach program teaches children that they have a right to say “no” to sexual abuse, and we train adults to be alert to the signs and symptoms of abuse. Over the next three years we hope to expand this program to 16 schools and to formalize our training for mandated reporters. Our newly formed Speakers Bureau will train volunteers to bring the Kristi House message of protecting our children out into the community.

Kristi House now has the stability and maturity to adopt a plan echoed by many leaders in the child protection field: to end cyclical sexual child abuse and reduce from hundreds to isolated incidences the number of children victimized. We mean this not as a wistful dream. Please join us today. Support us with your time, talent, or treasure. Kristi House has a plan.


Judy McCleary
Judy's signature
Judy McCleary, Ph.D.
Board President

Trudy Novicki
Trudy's signature
Trudy Novicki, J.D.
Executive Director


Kristi House provides a healing environment for child victims of sexual abuse and their families through community collaboration and system coordination.

Values Statement
Kristi House is dedicated to respecting, protecting
and healing the children and families that pass through our doors.

• Case Coordination • Case Management • Information & Referral Services Advocacy
• Therapy • Parents’ Groups • Criminal Justice Support • Education
• Emergency Financial Assistance • Transportation • Education & Community Outreach

Program Highlights

  • Kristi House received start-up funding support from Dade Community Foundation and first-year operational support from Jim Moran Foundation and Paul Palank Memorial Fund for its Comprehensive Assessment Unit, which began providing court-ordered assessments in June 2005 for children removed from the home with sexual abuse allegations.

  • Kristi House, in collaboration with Florida International University, hosted its second annual conference on the Multi-disciplinary Approach to the Investiga-tion of Child Abuse. National experts and 100 attendees participated in the two-day conference in February 2005 with a focus on the mental health best practices. Publix Super Market Charities, The Children’s Trust and the Florida Network of CACs were underwriters.
  • Volunteers hosted additional fundraisers for Kristi House at Norman’s and a local ceramicist hosted a sale to benefit Kristi House.
  • Kristi House serves a quiet but serious and growing need to provide help to children with sexual behavior problems through successful pilot and now continuation of its Pathways for Stronger Families program, which also provides group sessions for parents.
  • Kristi House was awarded support from The Children’s Trust to expand its education outreach program in Miami-Dade County Public Schools to an additional feeder pattern. The Roblee Foundation, Carnvial Foundation and Twenty Little Working Girls also supported educational outreach expansion.
  • Kristi House clients enjoyed the fifth annual Holiday Party organized and underwritten entirely by volunteers and friends in the Junior League of Miami.  
  • Kristi House’s Therapy Department expanded to decrease the time it was taking to place children in therapy. Five full-time therapists, a clinical supervisor, two interns and internationally reknowned psychiatrist Dr. Jon Shaw now make up this department which provides a service critical for recovery. Peacock Foundation provides major support.

  • Kristi House spread awareness of its mission and role to help children and families in need with its own custom blue bracelet during April Prevent Child Abuse Month.
  • Kristi House board members raised a record $272,000 in net profit at the fifth annual Touch A Heart Dinner at Four Seasons in November 2004.

    Summary Financial Statements

    Thank You to Kristi House Donors*

    Kristi House gratefully acknowledges all those whose generous contributions
    help us serve the children and families of our community.

    Anthony R. Abraham Foundation, Inc.
    Ashkin Family Foundation
    Bank Atlantic Foundation
    Boyer & Meyrovitz Charitable
    Carnival Cruise Lines Foundation
    Citigroup Foundation
    Coral Gables Junior Women’s Club
    D. Richard Mead Charitable Foundation
    Dade Community Foundation
    Fana Holtz Foundation
    Florida Network of CACs
    Hirschhorn Foundation
    J.N. McArthur Foundation
    Jewish Community Foundation
    Jim Moran Foundation
    Joseph H. & Florence A. Roblee
    Joseph Weintraub Family
    Foundation, Inc.
    Junior League of Miami, Inc.
    Lady Suzanna P. Tweed and Carleton
    Tweed Charitable Foundation, Inc.
    National Children's Alliance
    North Dade Medical Foundation
    Nichols Foundation, Inc.
    Peacock Foundation, Inc.
    Publix Super Markets Charities
    St. Louis Catholic Church
    State Attorney’s Office
    Sunny Isles Beach Police
    The Florida Bar - Young Lawyers
    The Florida Bar Assoc.
    The Kelly Services, Inc. Foundation
    The Shepard Broad Foundation, Inc.
    United Way of Miami Leadership Fund
    W. Glen Boyd Foundation
    Women’s Association Central
    Presbyterian Church

    Abadin, Jaramillo, Cook & Heffernan
    American Express
    Americas Capital Partners
    Bill Ussery Motors
    Callaway Golf
    Carnival Cruise Lines
    Casa de Campo
    Celebrity Cruises
    Colombian American Service Assn.
    Cordis, Johnson & Johnson Corporation
    David Hasbrouck Luther,Inc.
    EFC Holding
    Elemis Spa
    Foremost Co.
    Four Seasons Hotel Miami
    Gallagher Financial Systems
    Greenberg Traurig, P.A.
    Highland Wine & Cheese Shop
    Hirschhorn & Bieber, P.A.
    Holland & Knight, LLP
    Home Bankers Real Estate, Inc.
    Interval International
    JKG Communications
    Jorden Burt
    Law Offices of Jonathan Meltz, P.A.
    Law Offices of Michael A. Haber, P.A.
    Law Offices of Neil M. Nameroff, P.A.
    Law Offices of Ramon de la Cabada
    Loews Hotel
    Mercury Resort
    Miami-Dade County Board of
    County Commissioners
    Montica Jewelry
    Motorcycle Training Institute
    National Distributing Company
    Northern Trust
    Parmenter Companies
    Podhurst, Orseck & Josesfberg, P.A.
    Portofino Wine Bank
    Radio Shack Corp.
    Radisson Seven Seas
    Ross & Associates, Inc.
    Royal Caribbean International
    Royal Wine Merchants
    Rutherford Equipment Rental
    Sale & Kuehne, P.A.
    SeaDreams Yacht Club
    Shan Industries
    Shook Hardy & Bacon, LLP
    Silversea Cruises
    Smith Barney/Citigroup Foundation
    St. Supery Vineyard & Winery
    Stewart, Tilghman, Fox & Bianchi, P.A.
    Sunset Corners Fine Wines & Spirits
    Teamwork Construction
    The Financial Advisor's Network
    The Walton Law Firm, PA

    The Yachts of Seabourn
    United Automobile Insurance Group
    Vitas Healthcare Corp.
    Warren Technology
    Windjammer Barefoot Cruises

    Perla & Jay Abramowitz
    Sandy & Wade Adams
    Emma & Sia Afra
    Florence & Sheldon Anderson
    Josiane & Alex Apollon
    Roberta & Martin Arostegui
    Sarah & Mario Artecona
    Tom Bales
    Michelle Barreau-Charles
    Delores & Hollis Batchelor
    Holly & Robert Battle
    Patricia & Gary Becker
    Lawrence Behar
    Trish & Daniel Bell
    Peter Benjamin & Kate Callahan
    Kristi Bettendorf
    Julia Bianchi in memory of
    Lucy Batchelor
    Julia & David Bianchi
    Norma Biegelsen
    Berta & James Blecke
    Eric Blume
    Fran Bohnsack
    Jeanie & Lawrence Bonner
    William Borkan
    Paula & Robert Brockway
    Cindy & Lewis Brown
    Natalie Brown & Samuel Joseph
    Ricardo Cano
    Brenda Nestor & Robert Castellano
    Libby & Joseph Cerniglia
    Beryl Ceserano
    Kerri & David Christensen
    Raquel E. Cohen
    Libby & Dean Colson
    Elaine & John Costanzo
    Trudy & Alan Courey
    Eliza & Hugh Culverhouse
    Ashley & James Cusack
    Shelley Daniels
    Laurie & Steve Davis
    Diane & Allen de Olazarra
    Dulce DelCastillo
    Chrissie Demos
    Stephanie Demos & Christopher
    Paul Desborough
    Debbie & Matthew Dietz
    Swanee Paul DiMare
    Helen M. Duncan in memory of
    Caroline Hartnett
    Anna Ehlert
    Janet & Jim Ellison
    Marylen Exposito
    Melanie A. Ferber
    Dawn & Barry Fine
    Robin & Gary Fox
    Allison & Jorge Freeland
    Sonia Gaffney
    Sandra & Taylor Gang in honor of
    Judge Lester Langer
    Phyllis Gautier
    Gail & Eugene Gitin
    Patrick Gleber & Alys Daly
    Linda & Sid Goldberg
    Cindy & Michael Goldberg
    Jose Gomez
    Maureen & Lawrence Gragg
    Catherine Grieve
    Diane Guzzo
    Robin Haas
    Andria & Albert Hanley
    Diane & Reginald Hardy
    Lauren Harrison & John Genovese
    Lynn & Brian Hart
    John Harnett
    Tamara P. Harnett-Eggen
    Pattie Hayhurst
    Nancy & Robert Hector, Jr.
    Susan P. Hess
    Ollie Ladd Hill
    Barbara & Walter Hinterkopf
    Ilajean Horowitz
    Vicky & Herbert Hucks
    Peggy & Doug Hudson
    Edith & Robert Hudson
    Jennifer Hurst
    Joy & Charles Intriago
    W.T. Remko Jansonius
    Janice & Sam Jazayri
    Beth & Ethan Johnson
    Robert Johnson & Layne Tidwell
    Rubye Nell Johnson
    Annie & Manny Kadre
    Claudia Kitchens
    Nancy & Kobi Karp

    Elizabeth Katzen
    Suzanne Keeley
    Pat & William Keon
    Abbe & Lawrence Kerr
    Thomas W. Kimen, Jr.
    Patricia Kirk
    Bertha Klein in memory of
    Robert Goldman
    Hank Klein & Lisa Sloat
    Josephine Kling-Trippe
    Mariann Frank Klotz
    Erin & Chris Knight
    Jacqueline Kott
    Thomas Kramer
    Rudy Kranys
    Vivian & Adam Kurzweil
    Tricia LeClair
    Kelly & John Lederman
    Enid Lee
    Susan & Josh Lerner
    Rose Ann Lovell
    Megan & Thompson Lykes
    Mary & Steven Lynch
    Tina MacAllister
    Carol Magidson
    Leana & Steven Marks
    Rosario Marquardt
    Elizabeth Marsh
    Judy McCleary in honor of
    Lucy Batchelor
    Judy & George McCleary
    Patty & Miles McGrane, III
    Thomas McGuire
    Ginger & Richard Mead
    Lynne Menke
    Adrienne & Steve Messing
    Pat & Bob Molinari
    Jan & William Morrison
    Mirtha Orue Muller
    Jean Nee
    Margaret Nee in honor of Harrison
    & Green Babies
    Margaret Nee & Fredric Saunier
    Penny & Andrew Needle
    Sandra Nojaim
    Carol & Alfred Novak
    Russ Oasis
    Jackie & Dan O’Malley
    Sheri Orlowitz
    Marilyn & Ira Ostrow in honor of
    Julia Bianchi
    Robin & Carlos Palomares
    Lynn Pannone
    Lisa Pearson
    Sheryl & Mark Piper
    Jacqueline & Steven Poliakoff
    Sharon Porter
    Pamela Poulos
    Jennifer Press-Kravetz
    Janis Ramirez
    Phyllis Resnick
    Phil Rosenweig in honor of
    Margaret Nee
    Audrey & Jack Ross
    Zandra Rucker
    M. Beth & Jonathan Sackson
    Debra & Dennis Scholl
    Samantha Schosberg
    Isabelle Schuette
    Gail Scott & Arturo Garcia
    Carol & Alan Segal
    Rima Shahin
    Andrea & Greg Sharp
    Leigh Siegal
    Kimberly & Kevin Smith
    Bubbles & Steven Smolev
    Mary Steele
    Fernando Sucre
    Terry Sullivan
    Amy & Kenneth Sussman
    Steven Sussman
    Lucille Talianoff
    Natalie & Jeffrey Tanen
    Dawn & Raleigh Thompson
    Julie Thornton
    JoAnn & Roger Titley
    Christopher Toomey
    Lydia & Rodolfo Touzet
    Jean & Mitchell Tress
    Linda Truppman
    Charles Umberger
    Candace Vassillion
    Susan & Charles Vodicka
    Amy & Howard Vogel
    Sharon & Marc Watson
    Teresa & Lee Weintraub
    Bonita Whytehead
    Jennifer Wilson
    Sally Wise
    Libby & Gene Witherspoon
    Jacques Wulffaert
    Judy & Jon Zeder
    Lee & Chris Zoller

    *This list represents donations made between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2005. We sincerely apologize for any errors or omissions; please contact us at (305) 547-6839 with corrections.
    Download the full version of the Annual Report 2004-2005 in pdf format (708 Kb)