As Kristi House continues to grow, so too does the need for dedicated volunteers. Children visiting the Center range in age from 3-18 years old. Volunteers play a vital role in creating a safe environment for children to receive services.

Kristi House Volunteers

  • Range in age from 18-80 years old
  • Use their creativity and talents when working with children, staff, other volunteers and members of the community
  • Gain community services hours
  • Serve in mentoring roles
  • Generously give their time and attention to children in need
  • Are recognized during a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon every April
  • Are carefully screened for those positions working with children

Waiting Room Volunteers – “Ambassadors”

Volunteers play an important role in putting children at ease and encouraging them to return to the Center for therapy and other appointments. Children arriving often must wait while their parents or family members are attending appointments. While waiting, children are greeted by volunteers who provide structured activities to engage them and lessen their anxiety while in the playroom/waiting area.

Volunteers have access to a wide variety of educational and recreational resources when serving as ambassadors in the play/waiting area. The developmentally appropriate resources includes both purchased and donated items.

  • Child-sized furniture
  • Extensive children’s library
  • Books on tape
  • Carpeted play area with play kitchen
  • Computer center
  • Stuffed animals
  • Educational videos
  • Board games
  • Puzzles
  • Coloring books
  • Lego tables and supplies
  • Art and crafts

Volunteer hours are flexible. Hours of operation requiring volunteer services are 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Friday.


Application Process
No prior experience working with children is necessary. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old. An interview, completed application, training, drug screening and three-month commitment are required for consideration. The application process also involves background checks, personal references, and finger printing.

If an accommodation is needed in order to participate in the application process, please contact our Volunteer and Human Resource Coordinator Abegail Fuentes at 305-547-6823.

For additional information about volunteering, please contact Abegail Fuente atafuente@kristihouse.org or (305) 547-6823.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Speakers Bureau

For those who like to get out into the community, the Speakers Bureau is ideal and an excellent forum for Kristi House’s message to be spread. This program includes training sessions from our educational staff on the signs and symptoms of child sexual abuse.  The training includes one three-hour session and one two-hour session to prepare the volunteer for community presentations. This is a great program for people who are comfortable with public speaking. We provide you with the tools, statistics and background you need for your own personal knowledge and to spread the word.

  •  Special Events

Volunteers help with a variety of different duties before and during special annual events, such as preparing the materials, picking up donations and making deliveries, organizing the day of the event, registration of guests, preparing displays, welcoming guests, etc. The Kristi House Touch a Heart Dinner and Auction, Kristi House’s signature fundraising event, is a popular volunteer assignment for those who want to participate in a high-end event catering to discerning and committed donors.

  • Other Ideas for Companies and Organizations
  • A number of companies have conducted toy drives at the holidays so that at our annual client holiday party in December, every child receives a new toy or gift (for teens, gift cards are perfect). For this memorable annual event, we are always in need of donors to help with underwriting or obtaining food, new toys or entertainment for the event, as well as to help host it on the big night (18 and older).
  • Companies have sponsored their own paid “Casual Day,” where staff pays say a set amount for the privilege of coming in cas for the day. The total amount raised is donated in the name of the company to Kristi House.
  • Another popular way for companies to help Kristi House families directly is through the donation of tickets to sporting events, theater or other special events that are family oriented. A night at the ballet or a day at the zoo means a lot to children whose families have so little extra to do activities many other families take for granted.
  • A project that would really help our kids in August is preparing them for back to school. Office Depot donates back packs to us but they are empty. Our kids need notebooks and other supplies as well as school uniforms. You could organize a drive to stuff the backpacks with all sorts of back-to-school goodies.
  • Organize fundraisers benefiting Kristi House.

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