Bridge Builders Campaign


Bridge Builders is a theme for Kristi House that resonates on many levels…


● Bridge Builders exemplifies the remarkable team of agencies that make up the Children’s Advocacy Center to ensure all legal, medical and emotional needs of child-victims and families are met.

● Bridge Builders are critical to our Project GOLD program for sex trafficking survivors, and especially needed for our new job skills and career planning initiative geared to helping girls find their strengths for healthy, productive futures in the workforce.

● We also serve as Bridge Builders to the next generation of young leaders like our board chair Kara Zeder Rosen who understands the critical importance of Kristi House, and are taking a stand for Kristi House with vision and purpose.

Thank you for your help in turning the tide on sexual abuse and child trauma, and building the bridge to a safer future for our children. We will dedicate funds raised to programs, as well as to support critical infrastructure and capacity building needs to take Kristi House to the next level. Our specific needs are below if you would like to designate support in a particular area.


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Kristi House Bridge Builders Response Form (PDF)


Programmatic Needs


Master’s Level Therapist

Our Therapists’ caseloads are currently well above best practice thresholds, so we are looking to add a new position to join our team of 17 clinicians. Total needed: $50,000


Education & Outreach Specialist

Annual salary and benefits for an educator to provide classes and training programs for children and adults. Total needed: $45,000


Project GOLD Client Drivers

These mobile counselors pick up teenage girls in the afternoons to enable them to participate in education and enrichment programs and services to overcome sex trafficking and restore their lives. Total needed: $35,000 x 2


Capacity Building/Infrastructure Needs


Salary Bumps for Front Line Staff.

Kristi House is a highly desirable place to work. When staff losses do occur, the cause is usually due to an increase in pay, not due to a better position or promotion. To retain our exceptional staff and avoid costly turnover both in terms of productivity and client relations, Kristi House management has a goal of raising $150,000 toward this effort.


New Air Conditioning System for Kristi House’s Child Advocacy Center.

Built in 1999, our Child Advocacy Center’s AC system has been repaired and refurbished a number of times…and is need of total replacement. Total needed: $50,000


Website Redesign…

to incorporate resources for adults and kids, parents and professionals in English and Spanish. A highly talented web programmer has been retained who has begun the project with an expected finish by October 2019. Total needed: $4,500


Sales Force Customer Management System…

has been identified as the ideal tool for Kristi House’s growing Development unit. Total needed: $5,000


Video Production…

geared to potential supporters to help spread the word about Kristi House and its services. Total needed: $12,500


Professional Development and Team Building.

Kristi House continually invests in its staff, however, in fiscally tight times, all resources are devoted to clients over internal needs. Support is needed to ensure staff can take advantage of training and continuing education opportunities as they arise throughout the year. In addition, a daylong, teambuilding retreat is sought for staff to boost morale, enhance comradery and strengthen interdepartmental communication. Anticipated need: $5,000-$10,000