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Step-by-Step Instructions: Reporting Child Abuse Child Abuse Get Help Now

Believe the child.
It happens. Do not assume the child is making up an issue of child abuse.

Stay Calm.
Fear and anger can frighten the child.

Give emotional support.
Reassure, do not blame, punish or embarrass.

Listen, but do not interrogate.
Let the children tell in their own time and in their own way.

Do not make promises you cannot keep.
“You’ll never have to see them again.”
“I’ll make sure they go to jail.”

Call 1-800-96-ABUSE

All professionals working with children are required to report suspicion but anyone with a reasonable suspicion can make a report.

Have some basic information available.

  • Where did the abuse occur?  What’s the jurisdiction?
  • Give the child’s name, age, and address.
  • Give the parents’ names.
  • Give the name of the suspected abuser and his or her relationship to the child.
  • Name the type of abuse suspected.
  • Name other people who may have knowledge of the abuse.


Kristi House

Kristi House is the only local agency that collocates and coordinates with other agencies involved in the emotional, physical, and legal needs of child sexual abuse victims. Our ability to connect victims to case coordinators, therapists, prosecutors, forensic interviewers, medical professionals, and Guardians Ad Litem is unduplicated in our community.

We have perfected our skills in working together as a team for the benefit of children who are victims of sexual abuse. This multi-disciplinary team meets each week to staff all new and pending cases. This process ensures that each child is being protected, receiving the services they need and that perpetrators are being held accountable.

Please call Kristi House at (305) 547-6800 for help.




Please call Kristi House at (305) 547-6800 if you have a referral or with any questions you might have. To complete a referral, please complete this form (PDF). 


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