Alternatives for Families:

A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (AF-CBT)


AF-CBT is a behavioral family intervention for school-aged children (5-17) and their caregivers that targets concerns with conflict, anger, aggression, or ineffective discipline (see  The child and caregiver attend both individual and joint/family sessions across three phases:
1) Engagement/psychoeducation,
2) Individual skills-building, and
3) Family applications.
Participants learn to apply evidence-based coping and interpersonal skills. 

AF-CBT integrates common intervention techniques to enhance emotion regulation, perspective-taking, positive parenting and behavior management skills, social skill, recovery from traumatic experience, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and healthy family communication.

Who is Eligible for AF-CBT? A family with any or all of the following:

  • A family or caregiver-child dyad experiencing frequent conflicts, arguments, or angry feelings.
  • A caregiver with concerns about using harsh/ineffective physical force/discipline, who has done something that could have injured/hurt a child, or who has an allegation/report of physical or emotional abuse.
  • A child (5-17) who exhibits behavioral dysfunction (e.g., aggression; Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder), or experiences trauma symptoms (e.g., PTSD) secondary to physical abuse/aggression.

Is the Family able to benefit from AF-CBT? Key Criteria:

  • Child age 5-17 is able to participate in services now or soon
  • At least one caregiver is able to participate in services now or soon
  • Child and caregiver could be together in joint family sessions
  • Participants could benefit from services (i.e., are not inappropriate due to severe cognitive limitations/mental illness/drug abuse)
  • If they are separated, reunification is a possible end goal after addressing conflict

For more information please contact Kristi House‚Äôs Clinical Supervisor Josefina Costa, or Programs Director Ruthlyn Webster at: (305) 547-6800

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